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Don Mears Photography



Every couple should get to reflect on the real moments of their wedding day for years to come, and re-live them through the photographs. Our style is based in documentary images and artistic portraits that reflect your personality as a couple.

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Romantic Virginia Wedding at the Dominion Club

Don Mears Photography is delivering a real beauty today, and for that, we couldn't be happier. With a perfectly romantic feel, lovely DIY touches and a gorgeous couple - it goes without saying that this gallery of images shouldn't be missed, and...


Richmond Wedding from Don Mears Photography

Weddings at the art gallery tend to lean a little closer to the modern side of the romance spectrum, so when a wedding that leans the other way, with just the right amount of vintage to pop against the clean museum vibe comes along, we swoon. It's the little surprises that get us. The unexpected juxtaposition of a lace veil and the contemporary white walls. The classic chiavari chair in lucite. The extra fluffy, pink bouquets set against a grey backdrop.


Wrap It Up Pretty Little Black Book!

Thank goodness for Fridays! Besides the obvious reasons (hello weekend!)... we're always excited to bring back one of our favorite images from the week. You may have stumbled across this incredible photo in your travels through SMP, but I for one am relieved that we have the opportunity to show it off again so we can fully appreciate its artistry. Soak it in my friends. Happy Friday! XO Photography by Callaway Gable from...


Keswick Vineyards Wedding from Don Mears Photography

This wedding is filled to the pretty brim with deets I'm totally crushing on. The flowers are perfect for this beautiful Spring day. The deep purple and vibrant green are the best compliment to the stunning vineyard grounds. The tented reception, dressed to impress, looked to be a blast. And this couple is the sweetest - definitely the kinds of people I just WANT to be friends with. Especially after reading the proposal story (you HAVE to read it). And the entire thing is wrapped up in pretty...


Fourth of July Wedding From Don Mears Photography

Today's bride has such a fantastic flair! Makes all the difference ... to be confidant ... to be happy ... to have the time of your life! From Don Mears Photography ~ Leah and Dimitri's Fourth of July wedding in Richmond, Virginia!

Leah and Dimitri were one of our most memorable couples of 2010. Minutes into our first phone conversation, we...


Humanstory Films Presents … Intangible Moments

As a mom, I must tell you that there are simply no words that can even come close to describing the swirling emotions of my daughter's wedding day. I'm quite sure that Tait's mother would say the same. There are brief flashes of memories, moments that will live on in my very soul, forever. But had I taken a few moments to sit down with Abby's videographer on her wedding day, I think that it would have been a tremendous gift for her to hold onto, long after the actual day.